The New Operation Terra Books

The new Operation Terra books

From the beginning, the Operation Terra material has always been given freely, at no charge to anyone, through the Operation Terra web site and the printer-friendly downloadable files. This continues to be the case, even now.

I offer these books because I was asked to — first by the people whose printouts of the downloadable files kept wearing out from being read so often, and most recently by the Hosts themselves. I am not — and never have been — interested in selling anything, whether it’s a book, an idea, a perception, or a way of living.

As was explained in the Overview to the Messages, it was originally hoped that many more people would be harvestable from those who were evolving upward for the first time. Plan A was for a large-scale, ground-based “op” that would help them raise their frequency enough to be taken up into our fleets of ships and processed further until they could disembark onto Midway Station.

However, an assessment revealed that not enough people had attained the necessary frequency and awareness to make the trip to Terra at this time and on May 15, 1997, Plan A was discarded and Plan B was chosen instead. Under Plan B, the “harvest” would primarily consist of those who had come down from the higher levels and would return to their former state.

Two days later, after those who had made that decision had considered its consequences, I was told that there were two questions that had to be answered with regard to this change in plans:

1) how to safely remove those who had come down from the higher levels, without their going through physical death; and

2) how to make use of the work that HAD been done to benefit future generations.

The upcoming evacuation process (and its attendant “liftings”) is the answer to the first question. The Messages, which began arriving two years later, were the answer to the second question.

The codings in the Messages would activate those who are making the trip to Terra now and would be seeded into the consciousness of those who would make the trip later. For the latter, those codings would be stored in their Oversouls and be available to them in other incarnations, on whatever timeline they were projected into.

In 2017, the Hosts asked me to completely redesign the Operation Terra website so that it could be accessed across all devices — from cell phones through tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The Hosts were active participants during the design phase, and often expressed their preferences with regard to every detail until they were pleased with the result.

That site (the current one) was then translated into four other languages with the help of native-speaking volunteer translators for each language. The translated sites were completed and made available in 2018.

The Hosts then asked me to publish the content of the new version of the site in hardcover format (which surprised me), plus any other formats that I felt would increase access to the material on a worldwide basis. The sense I got when the Hosts were adamant about creating a hardcover version was that it would be more durable and copies would be more likely to survive across all of the timelines that contained the people who would make the trip to Terra via a future incarnation.

It has also occurred to me that physical books can be read wherever and whenever there is enough light by which to read them, even if it’s only candlelight. Since earth changes, solar activity and social/economic upheaval can all impact the availability of electricity, physical books may be the only source of this information in certain places and under certain conditions. My job has been to make them available so that when they are needed, they will be there.

I am good at communicating with words and images. I have seen the impact these Messages have had on people’s lives. I felt it was important that the hardcover version be in full color, so that the beauty and subtle meaning of the images on the website could be preserved, even if the site itself was no longer available for any reason.

I have used rich, dark colors for the page backgrounds of the Keepsake Hardcover edition. Each section has a different background, which provides a subtle shift in the reading experience as one moves forward through the book. Volume One FEELS different than Volume Two, and the backgrounds support that feeling.

There is also a softcover paperback edition, printed in black and white. It has fewer images than the hardcover editions (172 in total), but it is still a lovely book. It costs much less to print, so it costs much less to buy. It won’t be quite as durable as the hardcover editions, but it still a physical book and a worthwhile purchase, if cost is a factor for you.

The ebook is the least durable version, but it might not survive if the systems it depends on are not available at some point in time. To limit the file size, it only has the most essential images (52 in total), but it still should read well across all devices and not take up too much memory.

These books are the culmination of what I was asked to do in terms of sharing the Messages. When I finish publishing all of these books in all of these languages, I will have completed everything I have been asked to do with regard to making the Messages available, and then it will be time for me to move on to the next step in my particular journey through space and time.

Now I am asking you to purchase them for your own enjoyment and to gift them/leave them/pass them on for future generations to enjoy when you are gone. I consider all of us as being part of the larger “op,” and this is the part that you can play in connection with what I have been asked to do and have done faithfully for more than 21 years.



The new Operation Terra books
The new Operation Terra books
The new Operation Terra books
The new Operation Terra books
The new Operation Terra books
The new Operation Terra books