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OT News Message from the Hosts, March 1, 2021

March 1st 2021

Dear ones, We have asked to speak to you today because of some things that are about to occur in your world and we wanted to give you a way to be with them, as well as comment on what lies ahead for the “op.” First of all, we would like to remind you that Operation Terra is about the /planet/, and only secondarily about the various lifeforms that occupy her. We would also like to make the observation that, although humans are greatly outnumbered by all of the other lifeforms on the planet, it is humans who have had t ...Continue Reading

OT News A Message from the Hosts

December 24th 2020

*MESSAGE FROM THE HOSTS* December 24, 2020 All right, now. We have asked to speak to you this morning because of the imminence of several events that we feel could have adverse effects on people connected with Operation Terra. We wish to remind everyone to remain detached from the drama, for there is going to be a lot of drama playing out in the immediate and farther-term future. There are people who strongly believe what they are scripted to believe and the tensions are nearly at the breaking point where people will ...Continue Reading

OT News 2021 and the near-term future

December 12th 2020

To all, As I said in the last mailing, the Hosts had told me that the newsletter I sent out on July 31, 2020 was the last one I would send out, except for some possible announcements. At the time, I experienced a deep sense of loss, as if something had ended or died. However, since then I have come to understand that in a different light. The Hosts had also said that any true developments within the “op” would only be known to the people directly affected by them. There would be no “news” regarding the “op” itself, ...Continue Reading

OT News Follow-up to November 4 mailing

November 6th 2020

To all, If you have read what I wrote in the new Books Section of the OT site, you’ll know that I ended up bringing out TWO hardcover Keepsake editions because my first design did not print properly using the less-expensive Standard Color (inkjet) technology. The printer (Ingram) had another (but more expensive) technology (Premium Color) that was supposed to be the solution. I followed all of their guidelines and procedures and was able to set up two different editions by the time the publication date arrived. Every ...Continue Reading

OT News Heading home

November 4th 2020

To all, On July 16, the Hosts told me “November is going to be a very intense month for everyone on the planet,” and now we are in November. As I am writing this, it is election day here in the USA, and regardless of how it goes, I think things are going to play out in very dramatic ways as we move forward toward the Time of Tyranny we have been told to expect. The steps leading toward that are already in motion and visible in the globalists’ call for the “Great Reset” and the announcements being made by various centr ...Continue Reading

OT News The Time of Sorrows and the Time of Tyranny

July 31st 2020

In late June of 1999, my fingers were poised over the keyboard of my computer and I was about to create a website in which I would document what I saw that was going wrong in the world around me. The Hosts broke into my thoughts and said, “We suggest that, instead of focusing on the world that is dying, you offer people a vision of hope that they can carry in their hearts through the days ahead.” Two days later, they asked me if I would be willing to deliver a series of Messages from them. I agreed to do so, and that’s ...Continue Reading

OT News OT News for June, 2020

June 4th 2020

To all, As I wrote in the March 23, 2020 newsletter, when the coronavirus erupted and began to spread, in addition to the “The Time of Sorrows,” my attention was drawn to the Message, “The Coming Storm.” At the time, the Hosts told me that the emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) marked the moment in time when events would begin overlapping each other and piling up. In the previous newsletter (December 5, 2019), I had also written: “… overall, I see 2020 as a year of increasing upheaval and turmoil on all fronts ...Continue Reading

OT News OT News March 23, 2020

March 23rd 2020

To all, In the last newsletter, which I sent out on December 5, 2019, I wrote: “When I feel into the timeline we are on, I ‘see’ that the entire month of March in 2020 is going to be significant for my husband and me and may also be related to the activation of the rest of those in the first wave, but I don’t have specifics about that yet. I have a strong feeling that the two of us have a physical move coming before this lease ends at the end of May, but I don’t expect to have details about that before the end of Mar ...Continue Reading

OT News OT News about the year ahead

December 5th 2019

To all, We are now in the last month of the calendar year 2019, and I felt it was time to send out a mailing to share my views about where things are at for Operation Terra and for the world in general. With regard to my work for Operation Terra, after 21 months of work on the web site, I have finally been able to publish the rest of the content online in four other languages: Spanish, French, German, and Korean. Parts of the site are still undergoing proofreading and minor changes, but in every respect, it is now fu ...Continue Reading

OT News Message

May 2nd 2019

To all, It’s been four months since I sent out the last newsletter and I felt it was time to report on some of the things that are going on and how I see things developing for the rest of the time left before the evacuation takes place. I am still working my way through finishing the translations of the web site and expect to have those done sometime in July. As I have been going over them, I have been surprised to discover that they are even more relevant now than when I first received them years ago. In doing this ...Continue Reading
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