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OT News Ascension news

May 18th 2022

In the last mailing, I made the observation that the “Coming Storm” had finally arrived. In tandem with that, I have been receiving reports that the month of May has brought with it an acceleration in the ascension process for those in the first two waves. That has been true for both my husband and I, as well as others I am in contact with, so I felt it was a good time to share some parts of the Messages that relate to that. For my husband and I, we have been experiencing several things that have been forecast to occu ...Continue Reading

OT News The Coming Storm Is Here

March 12th 2022

THE COMING STORM IS HERE (A Commentary) March 12, 2012 Even though the Messages were received so many years ago, I am constantly struck by their relevance to our current times and the events that we can see unfolding daily right now. In my last mailing (February 14, 2022), I called attention to the Messages “The Time of Ingathering” and “The Crossroads,” both of which felt especially relevant to me at that time. This morning I awakened to see the trees surrounding this house swaying violently in the winds from the bo ...Continue Reading


February 14th 2022

*A COMMENTARY ON CURRENT EVENTS, FEBRUARY 14, 2022* Last night, I watched four videos from three people about their views of current events, particularly those that are focused on what’s going on in Canada. As the Hosts had suggested in their most recent Message, I paid attention to the way my body felt as I listened to these emotionally-charged commentaries and I noticed that they were harmful to me; they caused physical stress and pain. This morning I woke up with a crystal-clear perception that none of what they w ...Continue Reading

OT News Message from the Hosts

December 21st 2021

*MESSAGE FROM THE HOSTS* December 21, 2021 All right, now. As has been our custom in the past, we have asked to step forward with a message regarding what to expect in the coming year. First of all, as many of you already know, we are actively accelerating the lifting process for those in the first and second waves, so that in itself should tell you that nothing in 2022 will be “business as usual” for those in those two groups. All you have to do is open to receive the lifting and the rest will be taken care of for y ...Continue Reading

OT News Message from the Hosts, September 15, 2021

September 15th 2021

*MESSAGE FROM THE HOSTS* September 15, 2021 Well, now. The time has come for us to step forward with further observations about what is currently unfolding on your planet. We will continue to do so, on an as-needed basis, until the evacuation itself is complete. However, we do not intend to hold your hand and walk you through each step of the process. It wouldn’t be possible, anyway, because you are all so individual and so widely dispersed, nothing we can say will apply equally to all of you. Therefore, we will speak ...Continue Reading

OT News The Time of Tyranny

September 6th 2021

As I wrote in the May 2, 2019 newsletter, I felt we had entered the Time of Sorrows in 2019. I believe we have now reached that time that is spoken about in the following passage from that Message: In speaking of the “end times” or “last days,” many people judge others because they are different or believe differently, but the Creator does not judge. Many people say that THEY “are the way, the truth, and the light,” and if anyone does not follow THEIR precepts, they will suffer an eternal punishment. There is no eter ...Continue Reading

OT News Message from the Hosts, July 4, 2021

July 4th 2021

*MESSAGE FROM THE HOSTS* July 4, 2021 Well, now. We have asked to speak with you today because we wanted to make some observations about what is currently in progress in terms of the planet and everything that is upon her. Today is normally celebrated as Independence Day in the USA, and it is supposed to be about celebrating the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence made in 1776, 245 years ago. In that Declaration, its signers proclaimed their sovereignty from a ruling elite and put in place a system of gover ...Continue Reading

OT News An Announcement and a Commentary on the Hosts' March 1 Message

April 28th 2021

To all, I have a brief announcement and the rest of this email will be a commentary and update regarding the March 1, 2021 message from the Hosts, which you can read in full at https://operationterra.com/dada/mail.cgi/archive/otnews/20210301142817/ *ANNOUNCEMENT:* The Korean books are now in print and I have added a books section to the Korean version of the OT site that describe them and provide at least two Amazon sites from which each of them can be purchased. As of this writing, they appear to be in stock in the ...Continue Reading

OT News Message from the Hosts, March 1, 2021

March 1st 2021

Dear ones, We have asked to speak to you today because of some things that are about to occur in your world and we wanted to give you a way to be with them, as well as comment on what lies ahead for the “op.” First of all, we would like to remind you that Operation Terra is about the /planet/, and only secondarily about the various lifeforms that occupy her. We would also like to make the observation that, although humans are greatly outnumbered by all of the other lifeforms on the planet, it is humans who have had t ...Continue Reading

OT News A Message from the Hosts

December 24th 2020

*MESSAGE FROM THE HOSTS* December 24, 2020 All right, now. We have asked to speak to you this morning because of the imminence of several events that we feel could have adverse effects on people connected with Operation Terra. We wish to remind everyone to remain detached from the drama, for there is going to be a lot of drama playing out in the immediate and farther-term future. There are people who strongly believe what they are scripted to believe and the tensions are nearly at the breaking point where people will ...Continue Reading


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