considering the questions and answers


(The following dialog occurred on July 13, 1999)

Q. Will a person know when they are going to “be taken”?

A. Yes, in most cases. The only exception to this will be if a person has been preparing and there is a “surprise” that requires us to lift them physically in order to take them out of harm’s way.

Q. What will happen to those we leave behind (families, friends and pets)? Will we need to make preparations beforehand? What will they experience? Will we just disappear from their world? Will they remember our having been there?

A. They will be provided for on an individual basis. Each case is unique, but if you need to make preparations in keeping with your commitments, you will know it at the right time. This may not come as “words in your head,” so much as a FEELING that “it is time to … ” (do whatever is right for you to do). What their experience will be depends on their particular life script, what they are supposed to experience in the playing out of their Oversoul’s design for their life.

Q. You say that Terra is already there, and that third-density Earth will lie fallow for a long time. If Terra is already there, why do we have to go somewhere else after we are lifted from the planet?

A. You will have to go through an intermediate process before YOU are ready for Terra. Terra is ready, but she is in a frequency band that requires those things that occupy her to be at the same frequency, what is sometimes called the “Christ consciousness” or “cosmic consciousness” level of awareness.

Each level of awareness has a natural resonance with a particular frequency band. You are being raised to an intermediate level, so that you can be taken aboard one of our very large motherships. There, we have total control of the environment and can phase you through the rest of your process in a totally safe manner, without the need for you to provide for yourselves and your everyday needs.

You will be provided with all the assistance you require to complete your shift into full mastery and the reclamation of your full powers. You will also need to adjust to the higher-density way of doing things, so this environment will act as a sort of “halfway house” to enable you to complete your preparations to colonize Terra.

Q. I have heard people talk about going to the fifth dimension, but you say we’re going to the fourth density. What is the difference between density and dimension, and why the different numbers?

A dimension is a vector quantity. It measures the distance from one point to another along a line.

A. A dimension is a vector quantity. It measures the distance from one point to another along a line. When you speak of a package, you say it has dimensions of so many inches — length, height, and depth. Those are the three dimensions of space. But you experience yourselves as moving through time, so you are inclined to say there are four dimensions to your third density experience.

Time actually has three dimensions, also, but that is the stuff of those who deal with such mathematical and physics problems as the curvature of time. It takes the three dimensions of time to express a point on a curved surface. Your experience of linear time is of moving along a single line from the past, through the present, into the future. Therefore it is naturally reflected in your common language as a single dimension, which represents or refers to your position along that single line.

Therefore, if (in common parlance) one speaks of having 4 dimensions in third density, one can view going to fourth density as having 5 dimensions, the added dimension being the eternal “now,” the holographic “capsule” that contains your focused awareness of your unfolding experience. You could look upon the fifth dimension as a sphere, in which you can slide back and forth along that single line of “past, present, and future” like a bead on an infinitely long string.

Density is a measure of how closely packed the particles are that make up a given substance.

Density is a measure of how closely packed the particles are that make up a given substance.

Density is a measure of material reality. It is a measure of how closely packed the particles are that make up a given substance. For example, if one considers water in its solid state (ice), the molecules of water are tightly packed and locked into a lattice. They vibrate relatively slowly. When enough energy is supplied to the system, the bonds between the molecules break and the molecules are free to move past each other. They vibrate faster now. This is the liquid state you call water.

If more energy is put into the system, the molecules separate even further apart and move freely through the containing medium (“air”). They move very quickly now. In this state you call the water “steam” or “water vapor.” You can see and feel the ice and the water, but not the water vapor, except as a subtle sensation of “humidity.” This is a good analogy for what is happening to you now. You can see and feel your material reality, but not the less dense reality that is the next step up from your present environment, except as a subtly-sensed feeling of “presence.”

When density (the degree of packing) is combined with gravitation, you get “weight.” If you can nullify gravitation, you are “weightless.” The total mass is the same, but the weight changes with the strength of the gravitation. People who can nullify the gravitation can levitate or act on material objects with their minds so that the objects can float or move through space.

When we are on board a ship of ours, we link our consciousness with that of the ship (all matter is conscious) and simply “project” ourselves AND the ship to our intended location. You call this psychokinesis. It comes with the package of powers that one has in full mastery over the material plane. The level of consciousness is the key. When one is in eternal Union with the Creator, one has a direct link to full control over material reality. One also has the WISDOM for the “right use” of such abilities.

As your frequency rises, more energy is contained in your system. In our water example, when there is enough energy in your system, the water becomes “invisible” to those molecules (and the tissues and organs that are made of them) which are operating at the “solid” and “liquid” states. Just so with your becoming invisible to those who are operating at the more dense levels of material reality.

When we say your frequency has risen, your molecules have absorbed more energy and are moving more quickly. They eventually move so quickly that they are invisible to the sensory tissues of those who are vibrating (moving) more slowly. That is why you will become invisible to those who are not at the higher frequencies. That is why you cannot see us now, but you will be able to see us when you have absorbed enough energy to vibrate in the same frequency range as we do.

As to your question regarding the different numbers, it is just a matter of which system of nomenclature you are using. We use the system of densities, which to us is a more accurate way of describing the particular band of material reality that we are referring to.

There is the whole separate issue of the different “planes” of reality. There is space/time and time/space. They are analogs of each other. Each density has this pairing, but the difference is most pronounced at third density. In third density, there is the space/time plane that you experience in your normal waking consciousness, and there is the time/space analog that is called the “astral plane.”

When one is operating in the normal pattern of third density, there is interchange between these two, only they are separated by a “veil” or barrier such that one can only access the astral plane under certain conditions, one of which is the phenomenon you refer to as physical death. People commonly refer to the astral plane as the “fourth dimension,” but this is not accurate. Calling time the fourth dimension is not really accurate, either, but it at least expresses an aspect of third-density reality that approaches the actual situation of the experience of third density.

There is much confusion about these terms, especially in the metaphysical field and the so-called “New Age” parlance. We prefer clarity to confusion, so we use the term density rather than dimension. We are referring to a particular frequency band in the spectrum of the Creation, along with its attendant forms and available functions.

We have noted before that “form follows function.” Each frequency band has its appropriate forms that outpicture the available functions. In third density, the level of consciousness (frequency) is such that the available functions are more limited. When one moves up the spectrum, more functions become available and the forms change to reflect that. You will appear as “gods” and “goddesses” because your range of available functions (powers) will appear truly “godlike” when compared with those of third density.

Q. You said that some of us will be coming back to assist. From what you have just said, that implies that we will either be “invisible helpers” or will have to lower our frequency to be visible. If we lower our frequency, wouldn’t we lose our powers?

A. Once one has attained a state of permanent Union with the Creator, it is permanent. One has total control over the material plane and can come and go from it at will. However, one is not likely to remain there longer than necessary to perform a particular task or series of tasks.

When the one you call Jesus had attained the fourth-density state, he came and went for 40 days, to prove to his followers that he still existed. He appeared in what looked like a physical body and ate and drank to prove its materiality. He did so to make a point that was in keeping with his larger mission.

When one is in that state of consciousness, one always knows in the moment what is the single most appropriate choice or action. There is absolute clarity. In a world based on doubt and fear, it is difficult to imagine a world based on love and wisdom, but that is where you are going and that is what Terra is like. We would remind you that our definition of love includes the absence of fear and the presence of trust in the Creator. When you are in love and wisdom, there is no fear or doubt.

Q. You said we would be “taken to another place.” Exactly how will that occur?

A. It will happen in exactly the right way and the right time for each individual. For those of the first wave, it will probably consist entirely of rising in frequency until one simply is “there.” For the second wave, there will be a mixture of methods used, since some of those will have to be lifted physically into our ships, while others will be able to shift frequencies. For those of the third wave, they will be lifted in their physical bodies at the last possible moment, for they will not be far enough along in their spiritual process to make the frequency shift from within third density.

We have all the bases covered, and each one will experience what is theirs to experience in exactly the perfect way. Remember, these decisions are made at the Oversoul level, so you will all be standing on the right dock when it is time to board your ship for the next phase of the journey.

Q. The Heaven’s Gate cult referred to “the next level above human,” and expected to be taken aboard spaceships also. How is this different from what they were talking about, and why did they leave their bodies behind?

A. We cannot answer that question fully, for to do so would breach a “rule” of noninterference. They have passed on, and we can assure you that they did exactly what they came to do. There are no accidents. However, since there is widespread speculation (among those who are still walking around in third density) as to whether they committed suicide, were murdered, or did indeed link up with a space ship associated with Comet Hale Bopp, we cannot tell you exactly what happened there or we would infringe upon or affect your process.

However, we CAN tell you how THIS series of Messages and information relates to that group and their experience. First of all, that group evolved from the personal energies of two people. They lived together, traveled together, and gave their power to those two individuals to the extent that they followed their every order and directive, right to the end. The group also changed over the course of 20+ years. The original teachings were rather pure, and dealt with what is commonly termed the process of “ascension.” The individual you call Jesus (as well as certain other historical figures) ascended. They left the Earth plane (third density) IN their bodies. They “took their bodies with them.” However, one can also “ascend” from a disembodied state. In a case like that, one leaves the body behind, and completes the ascension to the next level of consciousness while in an astral body.

The original teachings of the two leaders of the group had 3 tenets:

1. There is a window of opportunity for the movement to the next level of consciousness, after which the window closes.

2. If you haven’t taken your body with you, you haven’t done it.

3. All you can do is to prepare yourself to receive the experience. When the moment arrives, the missing ingredient is supplied “from above.” You cannot make this happen on your own.

There is an obvious similarity here to some of what we have been saying, but there are some key differences, also. It should be noted that after the group had gone on for so long, the end result was not in keeping with the original tenets upon which the group was formed. Things change, and so did both the focus and the function of that group. You have seen the apparent result, but which of you knows what REALLY happened? You can only speculate, and we have to leave it that way.

However, we can distinguish between the beliefs and actions of that group and these Messages in several ways:

First of all, there is no “group” here. There are no “leaders” to follow. We have asked Sara to deliver this Message for us and she continues to serve as our microphone into your reality through these communications. However, that is as far as it goes.

None of you are being asked to leave your homes or to follow anything but the prompting of your own guidance — the “still, small voice” within you. We have not asked you to go through austerities, only to give your spiritual practice the highest priority in your life. We have not asked you to master all of your human emotions, to give up your sexuality, or to otherwise reject your human experience. We have only asked you to do what is right for you as an individual to do.

There is no “group” here except that of a “soul family.” We are your brothers and sisters in the many “mansions” of the heavens. We are the “hosts” of “heaven” and we are inviting you to join us in a wonderful banquet, a homecoming party, in which you will re-attain what you had before you embarked on your service to planet Earth at this time.

There IS a “next level above human,” and Terra is where you will express and experience that. We are taking you aboard our ships in the ways that best fit your individual circumstances, soul choices, and place in the overall plan. You are either going to resonate with this material or you will not. It is a matter of what you are made of, who you are, and what allegiance and loyalty you have.

We will make one last observation. None of you who are part of Operation Terra will go through physical death. You will be taken aboard our ships, complete your transformation, and be prepared to occupy Terra. You will leave behind all the baggage of your old identities, for nothing of the old will be taken into the new. This will be a totally new beginning, for you and for the planet, a time to truly create “Heaven on Earth.” We look forward to having you among us again.

We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

(The following dialog occurred on February 8, 2000):

Q. How do we accomplish the change from this body to the next?

A. Operation Terra is a cooperative venture. Those of us who have volunteered to incarnate and act as the “ground crew” are being assisted by many more of their brothers and sisters in the higher realms. They are the ones who are overseeing your transformation. It is a known process and they are fully versed in the mechanics. You have actually been moving in this direction for several years, but now you are in the “final approach” — the onramp to the next world.

The first wave is in the process of being transformed now. The third wave will not undergo this process until after they are lifted. The second wave will undergo this process at an intermediate time, depending on their “job assignment.”

The process requires a purification of all the cellular memory, both of the particular body and race consciousness, and the individual personality’s accumulation of karmic debris. It also requires the linking up — atom for atom, molecule for molecule — of the present body’s structure with the future analog or template of the body into which it will transform.

For the first wave, the purification is not usually complete, so when this linkup occurs, there is some dissonance between the present body and the future analog, and this can cause some physical discomfort and low energy levels. However, this phase only lasts 2 to 3 weeks, so the discomfort is minimal in terms of the longer process.

Once the linkup and the purification are complete, there is a sort of “roll-up” that occurs. The present body traverses an energetic membrane and is subsumed into the new body. It will feel a little like a glove being turned inside out. One can have a similar feeling doing a somersault. There is a feeling of rolling over or rolling into as one releases oneself into the new form.

For those who are ready, the moment will present itself very clearly, and there will be a certain act of faith required in accepting the full consequences of completing the action. Once the change has occurred, it is essentially irreversible, and in choosing to make the change, one is leaving behind all ties to the former identity and life. For the first wave, this will not be as difficult as for the ones who come later, as they have already undergone a profound stripping away of their former identity, so little is left to “leave behind.” All is in Divine order, being orchestrated by each Oversoul, so one need not worry about the details. It is what you have been waiting for, for a very long time.

Q. What is the time frame for all of this?

A. We cannot give you a specific date or time frame, as that would infringe on your free will choices. However, we can say that the first wave is already past the “point of no return,” similar to the point at which the fetus is in the birth canal and there is no more turning around. One simply endures the process for as long as it takes and then one emerges into a wholly new reality.

We are overseeing each and every one of you and are trying to minimize the discomfort you may experience. Each one of you is being personally tended by a team of beings who are dedicated to your successful transformation. For those who will transform in the second and third waves, your experience will be somewhat different. Those in the second wave will be directly assisted by those of the first wave who have completed their transformation, and may be [physically] lifted off the planet if they require a protected environment in which to complete the change.

The second wave will be needed to receive and help those of the third wave, who will be lifted off the planet and make their change while the planet herself is completing her own transformation. It is an “event” that is progressing in stages. We can also say that there is an outer threshold in which it must all complete, for there are cosmic cycles and rhythms involved that are not subject to alteration. Earth has a date with destiny and HER schedule drives everything else about our efforts to harvest the seed stock to colonize the new world.

Q. What will we look like after this transformation?

A. You will still look “human,” but your form will be that of the true Adamic seed. Your present form is the result of the genetic manipulation by the interlopers, and you share in characteristics of simians (apes) and certain negative-polarity ETs.

Your scientists have long wondered where the human pubic and axillary (armpit) hair patterns have come from. None of the other mammals have them. They are the expression of the genes from the negative-polarity ETs. The true Adamic model has hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelids, but nowhere else. The areola — that area of bald skin around the nipples — is the mammalian pattern from the simian genes. That also is not part of the Adamic model. You will have small nipples but no areolas.

Your bodies will be perfect in every way. Every individual will be like what you might call a “god” or “goddess.” Your bodies will be somewhat luminous and iridescent, but otherwise appear quite solid to you. Your form will be somewhat under your conscious control, and eye color may change to reflect your mood.

There was a fad in the 1960s for “mood rings” that were supposed to change color based on your mood. They worked on the principle that a change in mood produced a different skin temperature, and the material in the rings changed color with small changes in skin temperature.

In your new bodies, your emotional “moods” will affect your eye color in a similar way. The more intense moods will produce different colors than the more relaxed ones. Not only will there be no privacy in thoughts (everything is consciously connected with everything else and “knows” everything in every moment in every interaction), you will not be able to hide your emotional state from one another. No more secrets! This might be a breath of fresh air in some ways, but it will take some getting used to!

As you can see, there is much more we can say about this future of yours, but it is time to close for now. More information will be forthcoming. We leave you in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

considering the questions and answers
A dimension is a vector quantity. It measures the distance from one point to another along a line.
Density is a measure of how closely packed the particles are that make up a given substance.
considering the questions and answers
A dimension is a vector quantity. It measures the distance from one point to another along a line.
Density is a measure of how closely packed the particles are that make up a given substance.
considering the questions and answers
A dimension is a vector quantity. It measures the distance from one point to another along a line.
Density is a measure of how closely packed the particles are that make up a given substance.
considering the questions and answers
A dimension is a vector quantity. It measures the distance from one point to another along a line.
Density is a measure of how closely packed the particles are that make up a given substance.
considering the questions and answers
A dimension is a vector quantity. It measures the distance from one point to another along a line.
Density is a measure of how closely packed the particles are that make up a given substance.
considering the questions and answers
A dimension is a vector quantity. It measures the distance from one point to another along a line.
Density is a measure of how closely packed the particles are that make up a given substance.